Retailers Fire-Sale Georgia Pacific (Koch) Paper Products

In a recent trip to the store I noticed something very interesting.  The midwest chain of grocery stores, Hyvee, had every Georgia Pacific toilet paper and paper towel product on deep discount or two-for sale. They had shoved these brands of toilet paper out onto end caps and special displays all over the store. Hyvee … Continue reading

Who Made Your Paper Coffee Cup

I had just bought a coffee, just as thousands do every day. As I was digging for the car keys and the life giving cup of warm awesome sat in the cup holder I began to wonder who made the cup? Could this be yet another inroad into my life by Koch Industries? It started … Continue reading

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Boycotts Not Just for Wisconsin

There are large and loud calls for a boycott of the businesses that funded Gov. Scott Walker’s recent campaign. There are many local to Wisconsin businesses that were in on this tragedy. Many are national well known names that have their roots in Wisconsin. If you are interested in pushing back at these attacks on … Continue reading

The Koch Industries Boycott Grows Even Faster

In less that a week the call to boycott Koch Industries products has spread like wildfire. Some people were calling for these boycotts when it was announced who Gov. Walker of Wisconsin’s puppet masters were. Then there was the infamous Koch Brothers prank phone call. People around not just the US but the world were … Continue reading

Ditch Paper Products, The New Victory Garden

One thing that the recent revelation of the Koch brothers attack on democracy has shown is how little we all know about where our money really goes.  Multiple groups have called for boycotts of all Koch Industries products including their consumer paper products division of Georgia Pacific. It is just part of a huge conglomerate … Continue reading

We the consumers won’t be held hostage.

So what is all of this? With so many things to boycott, Vote With Ur Wallet hopes to put some order to the chaos. So many issues, and even more reasons to use caution in what you buy. Big corporations have thumbed their nose at consumers. Some even go so far as to claim you … Continue reading