DIY and Sustainable Consumption

How does this fit in with the bigger issue of spending and the issues? With more harsh cuts, layoffs and the price of everything going up we all are squeezed even more. Learning to make simple things yourself isn’t magic. Many things are actually quite simple but marketing, the media and the companies that sell these things want you to think you must buy from them.

Many simple strategies can be adopted into your life to make a difference as a consumer. You don’t have to suddenly do everything from scratch, find the things that fit your lifestyle. You can save money. Have safer and many times higher quality products. If you can’t find an ethical product or retailer making it yourself might be an option.

People are growing their own food, making their own laundry soap, bacon and ketchup. There are plenty of places online to learn and we intend to help list those sources and great ideas as we can. Never feel your being held hostage to a company that is acting against your interests. There are almost always options.

To get you started here are a few websites and blogs full of information and ideas:

Punk Domestics


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