What Is Really Behind The Wisconsin No bid Power Plant Sell Off?

There has been much confusion related to Walker’s sneaky sell off of state power plants since it was discovered. The plants in question are state owned small power plants that supply heat, electricity or cooling to state facilities such as universities, state buildings and prisons. What has not been common knowledge is why Walker would … Continue reading

Menards To Boycott Or Not? We Say Boycott

There has been some confusion with the situation of Menards. Some have thought they or their CEO were on Walker’s contributor list. We could not initially find them. Though they may be deep into the database of donors. We were able to find these references. Facebook: “08/03/2010 Walker, Scott Menard, John R Eau Claire, WI … Continue reading

Koch Industries, Georgia Pacific, Junk Bonds Status

Anonymous News Network pointed this out yesterday. The initial concern was that the WI pension system was partially invested in this worthless set of bonds. That itself is concerning since Koch Industries clearly think Wisconsin is theirs for the taking and the fact that as an investment this huge company is pretty much worthless. The … Continue reading

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Boycotts Not Just for Wisconsin

There are large and loud calls for a boycott of the businesses that funded Gov. Scott Walker’s recent campaign. There are many local to Wisconsin businesses that were in on this tragedy. Many are national well known names that have their roots in Wisconsin. If you are interested in pushing back at these attacks on … Continue reading

The Koch Industries Boycott Grows Even Faster

In less that a week the call to boycott Koch Industries products has spread like wildfire. Some people were calling for these boycotts when it was announced who Gov. Walker of Wisconsin’s puppet masters were. Then there was the infamous Koch Brothers prank phone call. People around not just the US but the world were … Continue reading