So what is this site all about? People are frustrated, grassroot boycotts have been growing everywhere. People angry at paid off politicians. Billionaires trying to hijack democracy. Companies dumping piles of cash into politics that are counter to your personal welfare.

This is where the boycott lists can come together and hopefully help people sort out who is the good guys and who is not. We maintain a series of boycott and good vs. bad companies to help you sort out who you wish to give your hard earned dollars to. This DOES matter and boycotts can work. Within a week a grassroots boycott crew around Koch Industries and their consumer products. It went from a few outraged people to one of the largest corporations in the US going into full damage control mode at the mere prospect of national boycotts. If one of the largest evilist corporations in the US is AFRAID of us, the US consumers than we really do hold the power.

We can make a difference, together, all of us. Never again unwittingly give money to a company that fully intends to use that cash to turn around and screw you.

We are always looking for contributions. If you know of a related boycott, product that should be listed or a blog we should add to our links let us know.


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