Wisconsin Walker Donors Squirm Under Boycotts

It has begun. The pressure of the boycotts and all the public anger is making companies in Wisconsin squirm.
They are trying to deflect blame for their donations, denying kickbacks in Walker’s budget bill and crying that the boycotts are unfair.

M&I bank has tried to absolve themselves of blame claiming the donations were just “employees” they had no control over. In reality it was top executives at M&I. M&I also tried a very weak tactic claiming there were also donations for the opposition, never mind they were minsicule. Throwing a dollar at the other candidate does not absolve you from the tens of thousands of dollars you dump at the guy wrecking your state.

Wausau Homes is also finding themselves under pressure. They made huge donations to Walker and are now the recipients of a huge tax break from Walker. They are trying to dodge this reality because they claim a middle man actually made the deal on the tax break. Nobody is buying it. They hoped their game would go under the radar and seem quite embarrassed to have public scrutiny.

Menard’s statement is probably the most delusional. They claimed “some employees” might have donate to Walker. The CEO of Menards is on the WMC, a trade group that heavily backe Walker and the CEO himself gave $2000 to Walker. Then they go on to pimp their stores because they have “low prices” as if people should just shut down their brains and go buy more sub standard crap that will break in a week.

The bottom line, the boycotts are working quite well.


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