Menards To Boycott Or Not? We Say Boycott

There has been some confusion with the situation of Menards. Some have thought they or their CEO were on Walker’s contributor list. We could not initially find them. Though they may be deep into the database of donors. We were able to find these references.

Facebook: “08/03/2010 Walker, Scott Menard, John R Eau Claire, WI 54703 Menards Inc Business $2,000.00
But that’s not really the main reason.  The MAIN reason is that John Menard is on the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, which gives marching orders to Walker and pretty much all GOP legislators:”

TFD News: “Wisconsin’s richest billionaire, Menard’s Inc. CEO John Menard Jr., would also probably get through. The flinty CEO gave Walker $2,000 last year, and is also virulently anti-union. The 71 year-old Menard, who has a net worth of $5.2 billion, reportedly threatens store managers at his home improvement chain with 60 percent pay cuts if a store’s employees organized a union. According to Good Jobs First, Menard’s isn’t opposed to government-funded programs, though, having received taxpayer-funded loans and credits worth $300,000 across the Midwest.”

So multiple sources are linking Menards to Walker via a donation that appears to have not been on our initial list. His actions with the WMC is enough to warrant a full on boycott.

You can contact Menards to tell them what  you think here.


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