Vanity Fair Magazine Wants You To Know Koch Doesn’t Own Them

Vanity Fair magazine weighs in on the nationwide boycotts of Koch Industry products and their subsidiary Georgia Pacific’s paper products. Slightly tongue in cheek they point out that they think there are few options for other products to buy. Au contraire, there are other options. So if you just can’t give up your crack like addiction to throw away paper products check below.

Bounty paper towels – Proctor & Gamble
Charmin toilet paper – Proctor & Gamble
Puffs facial tissue – Proctor & Gamble

Scott paper towels – Kimberly Clark
Scott toilet paper – Kimberly Clark
Kleenex – Kimberly Clark
Cottonelle toilet paper – Kimberly Clark
Viva paper towels – Kimberly Clark

Disposable plates & cups – Solo brand plastics and paper
Hefty brand disposable plates & cups
Kleenex brand paper napkins – Kimberly Clark
Scott paper napkins – Kimberly Clark
Petalo paper napkins – Royal Paper

Many people gave them up in favor of cloth table napkins, hey they look classy too. Or do what many barbecue joints do and just put a roll of paper towels on the table, non Georgia Pacific brand please.


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