Retailers Fire-Sale Georgia Pacific (Koch) Paper Products

In a recent trip to the store I noticed something very interesting.  The midwest chain of grocery stores, Hyvee, had every Georgia Pacific toilet paper and paper towel product on deep discount or two-for sale. They had shoved these brands of toilet paper out onto end caps and special displays all over the store. Hyvee is clearly trying to push these items hard. So it makes one wonder who is in panic mode, the retailer or Georgia Pacific? There is a very tangled web of how grocery stores stock their shelves. Many times the manufacturer pays the retailer for prominent shelf space. So it is quite likely that Georgia Pacific might be behind this panic driven fire sale of their products.

There are also reports coming out that many other retailers are also running big sales on their Georgia Pacific inventory. One thing is clear, someone is panicking about the boycotts. This means they are working because someone in the retail supply chain is running scared.

There are also reports of people seeing sticky notes put on Georgia Pacific paper products in retail stores like Target. The sticky notes inform shoppers to boycott these Koch Industry products. This is a very ingenious grassroots way that people have devised to spread the word about how bad for you Georgia Pacific products are.

A list of all the Koch Industries consumer products can be found on our Koch Ind. Consumer Products Boycott page.


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