Who Made Your Paper Coffee Cup

I had just bought a coffee, just as thousands do every day. As I was digging for the car keys and the life giving cup of warm awesome sat in the cup holder I began to wonder who made the cup? Could this be yet another inroad into my life by Koch Industries? It started to sour the thought of the whole thing, so I looked. Caribou Coffee, a midwest chain uses Solo brand cups imprinted with their logo and color scheme.

When I was finally back at the computer I did some searching. Solo is an independently owned paper and plastics company in Illinois. Solo has no connection to Georgia Pacific and appears to be managed by family members. I could find no political contributions from the company itself. I did find a few donations by John Hulseman. All to Republicans, most in the late 90’s. The only current ones are small dollar amounts to one republican. I could find none for Robert Hulseman, the other managing family member.

So I wondered where does Starbucks obtain their cups from. From what I could glean it is .International Paper. They appear to be publicly traded, own paper and coal interests and had a modest, by comparison amount of political contributions. They do not appear to be in deep with the corruption and insanity of the Koch brothers.

So I feel a little better about my coffee habit. I still try to make mine at home. At least when I don’t I know I am not feeding the Kochtopus monster.

So who made your disposable coffee cup?

Edit: I checked International Paper’s new CEO John Faraci’s political contributions. They included a variety of Republican an Democratic candidates and a couple of related industry PAC’s. Didn’t find anything majorly damning.


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