The Koch Industries Boycott Grows Even Faster

In less that a week the call to boycott Koch Industries products has spread like wildfire. Some people were calling for these boycotts when it was announced who Gov. Walker of Wisconsin’s puppet masters were. Then there was the infamous Koch Brothers prank phone call. People around not just the US but the world were floored when they heard the blatant corruption as Gov. Walker spilled the beans to what he thought was David Koch. That is when the boycott got rollerskates.

This was really a true grassroots movement. Those who had already known about the evil of the Koch brothers and their plan to subvert the political and democratic fabric of the nation were right on this. Now many others were jumping on it. People didn’t want to give these people their hard earned dollars and were genuinely offended by what is going on. To make things worse the Koch brothers wrote editorials mocking the American people.

Daily Kos diary writer geebeebee came out with a list of products. Then that list showed up at places like Think Progress, the Huffington Post, Alternet, Shoq Value and Tree Hugger. Somewhere in all of this hactivists Anonymous jumped in with #OpWisconsin. They have asked all consumers to join them in the fight against the Koch brothers, provided an action list of boycotts, then took to doing denial of service attacks on Koch web properties.

One thing is very clear. This boycott is going somewhere. Koch Industries pulled down their website. They went into full damage control mode. Articles started to appear on their website pretending that they are good corporate citizens and torchbearers of freedom. Sorry guys nobody is buying it, well maybe that handful of Tea Party people your bussing around the country. I know you are in real trouble when the grocery chain in my red state is running all of your products on sale. It looked desperate and on purpose.

Real freedom is thumbing your nose at these corporate crooks who wish to privatized the entire US government system. Stop buying what they sell. Without us they are nothing.


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