Ditch Paper Products, The New Victory Garden

One thing that the recent revelation of the Koch brothers attack on democracy has shown is how little we all know about where our money really goes.  Multiple groups have called for boycotts of all Koch Industries products including their consumer paper products division of Georgia Pacific. It is just part of a huge conglomerate these troublemakers own.

Many have opted for other paper products when they need them. Charmin and Scott toilet paper are popular alternatives, as is Seventh Generation and some of the bath tissues made out of recycled consumer paper. Solo brand cups and disposable table wear is another alternative that has come to light. They are a small company in Illinois. They also manufacture everything in their home state. So there are some easy changes you can make if or when you need paper products.

This has brought about again, the discussion of how much disposable paper “stuff” do we really need to consume? Many people are switching to cloth napkins. Large packages can be found at places like Costco and restaurant supply stores. There is so little effort required to run these when you are already doing laundry. I would never go back to paper. Plus they look so much more civilized than those lousy paper squares that end up falling apart and sticking to your hand.

Paper towels is another source of paper excess we don’t always think about. We use them out of habit when many times other options would actually work better. Microfiber towels are an excellent alternative and do a far better job for cleaning tasks. Save paper towels for toxic messes you really don’t want to or should not be dealing with. Saving them for just those tasks will cut your paper towel usage by 90%. Make sure you are buying a non Georgia Pacific/Koch brand. Brawny and Mardi Gras are Georgia Pacific/Koch products.

Pressure is being put on all of us through continual hikes in the cost of food, clothing, gas and utilities. Making your dollar go further by buying less, buying better and buying from ethical businesses is a powerful way we can all take a stand.


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