Johnson & Johnson Jumps Into the Lying Corporate Donor Fray

One of our readers tipped us off about Johnson & Johnson’s corporate doublespeak that they are passing around in an attempt to absolve themselves of their donations to Gov. Walker. Any donations by the family ownership and top executives ARE donations by the company since they control the company.  But their corporate PR department has … Continue reading

Reiman Publications Lies About Walker Donations

Another Walker contributor lies about their political donations. If the executives in your company or primary stakeholders give big donations to a campaign, yes your company gave to that campaign. But another one has tried to lie and weasel out of the ramifications of their donation to Walker. Reiman Publications in WI publishes the following … Continue reading

Anonymous Proves Bank of America Loan Fraud

This is just the first part, there is supposedly more dirt from this one ex-employee and hints that others may whistleblow on Bank of America. The short story of what was going on is that Bank of America owns Balboa Insurance. Balboa provides forced insurance policies. These are the policies banks put on a loan … Continue reading

What Is Really Behind The Wisconsin No bid Power Plant Sell Off?

There has been much confusion related to Walker’s sneaky sell off of state power plants since it was discovered. The plants in question are state owned small power plants that supply heat, electricity or cooling to state facilities such as universities, state buildings and prisons. What has not been common knowledge is why Walker would … Continue reading

Proof Boycotts Work

Boycotts do work and sometimes quite well in a short period of time. People in WI went from having M&I bank on a boycott list to an active on the ground boycott that has really taken off. Calls on twitter yesterday implored people to pull their money out of M&I. Today police, fire and teachers … Continue reading

Organized On The Ground Protests of M&I Bank

Eye on M&I has launched a website and on the ground actions against M&I bank for their support Gov. Walker in WI. Check them out to find out how you can get involved.

Wisconsin Walker Donors Squirm Under Boycotts

It has begun. The pressure of the boycotts and all the public anger is making companies in Wisconsin squirm. They are trying to deflect blame for their donations, denying kickbacks in Walker’s budget bill and crying that the boycotts are unfair. M&I bank has tried to absolve themselves of blame claiming the donations were just … Continue reading

Menards To Boycott Or Not? We Say Boycott

There has been some confusion with the situation of Menards. Some have thought they or their CEO were on Walker’s contributor list. We could not initially find them. Though they may be deep into the database of donors. We were able to find these references. Facebook: “08/03/2010 Walker, Scott Menard, John R Eau Claire, WI … Continue reading

Vanity Fair Magazine Wants You To Know Koch Doesn’t Own Them

Vanity Fair magazine weighs in on the nationwide boycotts of Koch Industry products and their subsidiary Georgia Pacific’s paper products. Slightly tongue in cheek they point out that they think there are few options for other products to buy. Au contraire, there are other options. So if you just can’t give up your crack like … Continue reading

Koch Industries, Georgia Pacific, Junk Bonds Status

Anonymous News Network pointed this out yesterday. The initial concern was that the WI pension system was partially invested in this worthless set of bonds. That itself is concerning since Koch Industries clearly think Wisconsin is theirs for the taking and the fact that as an investment this huge company is pretty much worthless. The … Continue reading